560 South County Trail​ Exeter, Rhode Island

Mon-Sat 9am-9pm Sun 10am-5pm

​​​​(401)-667-6133​ | prindoorrange@gmail.com | 560 South County Trail​ Exeter, Rhode Island | Mon-Sat 9am-9pm Sun 10am-5pm

A 20,000 square foot, locally run, state of the art indoor shooting range in a pristine location. We are easily accessible form any part of the state. Pine Ridge is the largest indoor shooting range in Rhode Island. The range was constructed to military specifications and can accommodate pistols, shotguns, and rifles up to a 30-06 caliber. Our facility has 3 different ranges, two of the ranges have five lanes at 80 feet and one range has five Tactical lanes at 55 feet. The air system is currently the number one air handling system in the world, producing non-contaminated fresh air that is 99.99% lead free. We are a membership club limited open to the public at $25 an hour for one person per lane, or $35 an hour for two people in the same lane. When we reach our membership cap we will close it down to the public. We are an FFL dealer and have a gun store on the premise. We sell guns, ammo, and all sorts of shooting accessories. We offer a variety of classes to both the public, and members.