A 20,000 square foot, state of the art indoor shooting range. Our facility has 3 different ranges, two of the ranges have five lanes at 80 feet and one range has five Tactical lanes at 55 feet. Having three different ranges allows us to use the ranges for different events and training courses simultaneously. The range is built by Range Systems who is a leader in the range construction and development industry. They build ranges for militaries all over the world. Including all the branches of the United States armed forces. Each range is outfitted with 2" ballistic and acoustic tiles, along with 3/8" armor plated steel. The granular rubber trap is over 3' deep at a shooting angle, this prevents ricochets, and fragmentation of the bullets. All of these components allows us to shoot handguns, shotguns, and rifles up to a 30-06 caliber. A Range Safety Officer is always present whenever anyone is shooting, all of our staff are NRA certified.​​ The Tactical range has 2 computerized wireless Meggitt target system. These system allows for shoot, and don't shoot scenarios, marksmanship, and other training simulations built into the carrier. The air filtration system is state of the art designed by Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation one of the top in the business. EPA certified with makeup air and exhaust air run by two separate systems that make it a clean, lead safe, and smokeless place to shoot.


560 South County Trail Exeter, Rhode Island 
Mon-Sat 9am-9pm Sun 10am-5pm