-$25.00 an hour for one person in a lane

          -$35.00 an hour for two people to share a lane (Maximum of two people per lane)

          -$75.00 an hour per person for private lessons for non-members ($50.00 an hour per person for members)

          -$65.00 for Rhode Island concealed carry qualification for non-members ($50.00 for members)




         -Customers must have a valid photo ID

         -Pass a background check

         -Read through and sign a copy of our Range Rules

         -Hourly shooting is on a first come first serve basis if there is a wait members will be bumped ahead of hourly patrons

         -Reservations are for members only

         -Anyone between the ages of 13-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and are restricted to shooting a rifle or shotgun

         -All customers must wear eye and ear protection when shooting

         -Open toed shoes and flip-flops are prohibited in the range